Films and Sketches

99 Wishes - Episode 1:ENTER THE EDDIE
A comedian finds a new best friend in a magical genie.


Chaz Mauldin will stop at nothing in order to win himself a new Sega Genesis, even if some children need to get punched in the process.


Nothin' but the hits.

A Smile Like Yours

A serious film I made with my brother John Mauldin.... I can be serious too.

Animated Roommate

A sketch I spent 3 summers hand animating myself.

Statefarm Saved my Life

A sketch I made while those great Statefarm commercials were all over the place.


A sketch I made about venereal disease. 

Elmer Plunkitt: Pumpkin Expert

An in-house segment I did for Off the Wire.

Caveman Shop Show

I had my own home shopping network for awhile. This is why it ended.

Magician in the Morning

My first short film, shot on a Bolex. I'll miss you Commander Bun Bun, wherever you are.

The Apocalypse

A sketch I made about the end of the world.

Domino's Commercial Parody

A sketch I made about Domino's Pizza.

Illegal Superman

 My very first sketch!! It's about Superman...

Tips for Surviving the Recession

I came on Off the Wire and gave some tips for surviving the economic recession.


A graphic sketch I made with graphics and stuff.

Caveman Improv

Yet another caveman sketch I made.

Chaz Mauldin on Off the Wire

The in house that birthed the idea for The Ballad of Chaz Mauldin.

Boyscout Apocalypse

Yet another sketch I made about the end of the world. This one's weird, but short, and funny.

Al Pacino's "That's a Great Ass!"

 A sketch I made about a very specific quote from a movie. Can you guess it?

Probably the worst porn I've ever seen.

The Early Show with Eddie Mauldin

An episode of the old show I produced for my high school. It's the show that started it all!

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